During our scheduled visit to your facility, US Fire Technicians can carry out a thorough Inspection of your sprinkler system that often includes:

•  Ensuring the system is inspected based on NFPA 25 Standards (coverage’s can vary based on quarterly, semi-annual, annual, 3-year and 5-year requirements)
•  Identifying site conditions or clearance problems that might compromise system performance
•  Checking sprinkler heads and control valves for position, condition, accessibility and signage
•  Conducting required water-flow tests
•  Inspecting Fire Department connections
•  Testing sprinkler alarm components
•  Checking reserve supply of sprinkler heads
•  Inspecting visible piping hangers, drain valves and gauges
•  Testing air compressors, pre-action valves, pilot lines and solenoid strainers
•  Testing low-pressure alarms, supervisory circuits and auxiliary functions
•  Inquiring about system modifications, obstructions or changes in storage
•  Tagging devices and performing required record-keeping
•  Providing a detailed Inspection report explaining deficiencies and recommending corrective action

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